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Cranberry Woods is a 250 acre, four-seasons, residential community, nestled in the hills above forested, non-tidal wetlands of Crownsville, MD.


Crownsville is a residential and rural area, located a short distance from Annapolis, the Maryland State Capital and home of the United States Naval Academy, and the beautiful Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.


With 50 lovely homes, many of which were built in the mid 1990’s, Cranberry Woods is a peaceful, and beautifully landscaped place for both families-with-children and adult-families to call home.


We in Cranberry Woods are fortunate to have 97-acres of gorgeous, private, woodland open-areas for our residents' use, on the South side of our neighborhood.  Our woods cover rolling hills that are crossed by several lovely streams and are all accessible by our trail system.


The 3+ mile long Woods Trail, Branch Trail, Switch-back Trail, Bog Trail, and Rec. Area Trail are all open, cleared, marked with blue, ground-level flags, and extend from our 1,000' of frontage on Generals Highway to the BGE right-of-way, not far from the Severn River.   See the topographic map.


Living in Cranberry Woods affords neighbors with the best that a residential community can offer, from the beauty of our open spaces and woods-trails, to our occasional social gatherings, and to the comfort in the knowledge that neighbors are looking out for their wellbeing.

Map Source:  Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Last Updated: March, 2018

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